What Are The Type’s Pf Ac Compressors?

An A/c compressor can be classified into 5 types. They are-

• Reciprocating
• Scroll
• Screw
• Rotary
• Centrifugal

• The first is a reciprocal compressor. It has a piston that is used to squeeze the refrigerant that reaches it. It has a crankshaft that moves in back and forth motion. The compressor is powered by a motor. A reciprocating compressor looks quite like an automobile engine in terms of construction. The refrigerant reaches the cylinder through an intake valve. The piston moves in cylinder up and down. The gas which reaches the cylinder is compressed by the piston as it goes upward. The vaporous refrigerant in then moved through the exhaust valve into the condenser. This kind of compressors can be multi-cylindrical. The number of cylinders can range from 2 to 8.

• Scroll compressors have a very interesting way of functioning. In these machines one single scroll remains constant or static. The other one moves through a swing link. As a result whenever a pocket of refrigerant comes between these two scrolls it is compressed. This causes a reduction in the volume of the gas. It is then discharged though the center port to the condenser. A scroll compressor has many advantages. It has fewer moving parts so it is less likely to undergo wear and tear. It also has less torque variation compared to the reciprocating compressor. This gives it smoother and quitter operation. These compressors are also called scroll pump or scroll vacuum pump.

• Screw compressors make use of a pair of helical rotors. These helical rotors move in cylinder. The pocket of refrigerant comes in between these rotors and gets compressed. However, these are not used in small A/units. They are meant for systems with 20 ton capacity and above. The pair of rotors is represented as male rotor and the female rotor. These are built inside the cylinder. The low pressure refrigerant enters one end of the compressor and becomes a high pressure gas at the other end with compression. It is discharged into the opposite end to the condenser.

• Rotary compressor is of two types. The first is the one that has blades or vanes that move with the crankshaft. The other one has stationer blades. However, in both systems the vapour enters the cylinder through the suction line for compression. When the blades rotate, the refrigerant trapped between the blades and the walls of the cylinder gets compressed. Thereafter it reaches the condenser through the exhaust port. The number of blades in a rotary system can range from two to eight in a single system.

• In a Centrifugal compressor, the vapor is moved in a circular motion known as centrifugal force. There is an impeller that has a disk with radial blades. These blades spin to give the gas an increase in velocity. A diffuser transforms converts this energy into pressure energy and is then discharged into the condenser. A remarkable advantage of centrifugal compressor is that there are no moving parts such as valves, pistons or cylinders. As a result these are subject to minimal wear and tear. Only the bearings in centrifugal compressor need to be maintained wee.



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