Troubleshooting Ac Condenser

A faulty condenser unit will lead to a malfunctioning air conditioner. However, if there is really a problem with your A/c condenser how to know it. Well, here are some simple steps to troubleshoot an A/c condenser. Remember that before you startthe troubleshooting; ensure that the unit is clean.

• Begin by checking the motor run capacitor. If it is not functioning then the motor in the condenser unit that runs the fan will also stop. Replace it with a new one, if the capacitor is faulty. If the capacitor is fine, check the motor. To check it, turn the blades of the fan. If they are tight and not turning then the motif is faulty and needs a replacement. Also check if the correct voltage is reaching the fan motor’s terminal.

• Sometime times the temperature set on thermostat is set a bit higher or at the room temperature. The device does not produce enough cooling as it is not directed to do so. However, if the thermostat is set correctly but does not work, check if its batteries have run out. Also see if correct voltage is reaching the thermostat. If the thermostat itself has become faulty, then it needs to be to be replaced.

• The condenser fan can also stop running, if the breakers have become defective. Always make sure that the breakers are on. You can shut off the breakers and then turn them and check if the fan starts running. Check the relevant wiring. For instance, if the wires between the furnace or air handler control and the thermostat are properly fixed.

• Check for tripped breaker or a blow fuse. If you find one, then there could be problems with the motor or the compressor. This could also be due to a grounded wire in the unit. Examine the fan motor, compressor terminals, and wiring in the unit for a grounded, shorted, or open winding. If everything is fine, check if the main supply voltage to the condenser unit and the thermostat is correct. Sometimes failed transformer can also lead to problems in the condenser.

• Check the control voltage at the contractor coil. Also check if the contactor is functioning. A failed contactor can preventthe condenser from functioning.

• You also need to verify that the standing pressure at the high pressure side is correct for the refrigerant in the system. Also check the low side pressure. Ensure that the oil level of the compressor is correct.

• Sometimes the contactor pulls it but the compressor doesn’t run. In thatcase check if correct voltage is reaching the compressor. Ifthe correct voltage is reaching then compressor may have failed due to some reason. If you don’t have the correct voltage at the compressor terminals, find out why and correct it.

If you are unable to detect the problem after checking all the components, it’s time to call servicing technician.


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