Troubleshooting Ac Compressor

An air conditioner’s compressor is a mechanical device. It is therefore subject to wear and tear. It can stop functioning as result of a burnt. It can give noisy operation. You can encounter hard starting, or reduced cooling capacity as result of a faulty compressor. Here are some simple tips to troubleshoot compressor.

• If you feel that that is something is wrong with the A/compressor, you can begin with simple check to confirm it. It could be something very minor and small that can be fixed at home. Start by verifying whether the unit has electric power. This can be done by checking the power panel. Also check the power cord of your A/c device. Thereafter assure if the control settings are properly adjusted. For instance,if the thermostat is set at the correct temperature, if you have clean air filters, duct works, etc. The blower fans should be functioning well. If you are sure that these are working well, it is time to delve deeper.

 • If your problem is with reduction in cooling levels, then the reason could be tha the A/c compressor is unable maintain correct pressure. If the pressure is highbrow abnormally, then both are signs of a faulty compressor. You can check the pressure at your compressor by reading the pressure gauges on your unit. You can check with the manufacturer's manual to know precisely what the pressure gauges should read when the unit is functioning at its best. If there is a pressure problem, professional intervention is required.

• Sometimes insufficient cooling also results due to a sluggish compressor. In such a case the compressor is functioning but has worn out. Therefore its level of output has gone down. This is a natural process. Every mechanical part will undergo wear and tear with time. You cam avoid this problem by installing or replacing gauge ports on the compressor.

• A burnt compressor is a very common problem in air conditioners. The problem has its origin in the faulty electrical system in the unit. Any damage or exposure of the motor's wiring can result in a burn or short between the compressor and the steel parts of the motor. This problem can be avoided by regularly checking the electrical parts of the cooling init.

• Sometimes an A/c compressor stutters or starts and shut down. This is also known as hard starting. The problem is that the compressor does not get activated efficiently. If the stuttering continues and the compressor does come on check the fuse and the wiring. Replacing a faulty wiring and fuse can stop the problem.

• A compressor will not function properly if the motor is overheating or there is an overload. Take a look at the reset button on the motor. If there is a problem in the motor the reset button will pop out. Wait for the motor to cool down. Push back the switch. If it works, it is well and good. Otherwise call as servicing technician.



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