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Let us first understand the meaning of an HVAC technician. Generally, HVAC technicians work on heating, ventilation, cooling and refrigeration systems that control the indoor air quality in different kinds of buildings. Mostly they work in residential buildings, schools, office buildings, hospitals or factories. A HVAC technician often has to work in a cold or hot environment because their main job is to repair the heating or the cooling unit. In fact, working in cramped spaces is also common for them. It is true that HVAC technicians are trained to work on all three but sometimes they specialize on heating, air conditioning or refrigeration systems. There are some technicians who work specifically on certain appliances like water-based heating systems, solar panels or commercial refrigeration.

If we have to outline the basic responsibilities of an HVAC technician it involves the following:

• Traveling to worksites
• Following blueprints or other design specifications to install or repair HVAC systems
• Connecting the systems to fuel, water supply lines, air ducts, and other components
• Installation of electrical wiring
• Testing the individual components of the HVAC system to find out whether any repair work is needed or not

To handle such job responsibilities the HVAC technicians carry tools like screwdrivers, wrenches, pipe cutters, and other basic hand tools required to install or replace a system. In addition, sometimes they also carry along with them some sophisticated tools like carbon monoxide testers, voltmeters, combustion analyzers, and acetylene torches. When working with HVAC appliances, the technicians should adhere to all government regulation depending on the region of operation.

Large number of people today want to become HVAC technicians because there has been a huge growth of job opportunities for HVAC technicians. One of the prime reasons for this is people are becoming more conscious and they are putting in every effort to go green. In order to go green older units are being replaced with new and more efficient systems and hence more number of technicians are required to install the newer and smarter appliances. Similarly, people today are more careful about their HVAC appliances and they understand the importance of maintaining it properly. As a result, the trend to call technicians for regular maintenance of HVAC systems has also gone up among people which in turn surges a demand for HVAC technicians. Moreover, with the growing demand the pay package of a HVAC technician is also lucrative prompting many to enroll for a HVAC training.

If you are thinking that becoming an HVAC technician could be difficult then you are wrong because it is quite simple. You will just have to earn your high school degree. Having a degree in Mathematics or Science is desirable for an HVAC technician. Besides, a knowledge of computers is an added advantage.

As a next step you will have to find a formal HVAC training program and get yourself enrolled there. After a stipulated period of training you will earn a formal certificate which will make grabbing a job easier.

Last but not the least, it is recommended as a HVAC technician it is mandatory to get a proper license and an EPA certification so that one does not face any legal hazard.




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