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The main objective of HVAC systems is to maintain good indoor air quality through ventilation and filtration. Hence, taking care of the system as a whole along with the air filter system will surely enhance the indoor air quality and the occupants of the building will feel more comfortable. Once air filters are placed in HVAC system it is easier to block air borne particles like dander, pollen, spores, bacteria, fungi and others. However, the extent to which your air filters will work depends on the Minimum Efficiency Rating Value or MERV. For air filters it is always recommended to opt for the ones which have a MERV value between 8 and 13. The higher the rating more contaminants will be blocked and as a result it will be better both for the equipment and the building occupants.

It is true that people have a lot of opinion when it comes to the changing frequency of air filters but only a few are much aware of the kind of filter that they should buy in order to keep their HVAC equipment in the best of condition. So when you plan to buy an HVAC filter next time you need to keep certain things in mind. One should remember that the main function of air filters is to protect the equipment and not to enhance the indoor air quality. However, there are many homeowners who believe that the sole aim of air filters is to make the indoor air quality better.

Many times it is seen that high efficiency air filters slow the airflow across the heat exchanger which in turn reduces the efficiency of the unit, raises your electricity bill and finally damages the furnace due to overheating. On the other hand, a high efficiency filter can also freeze the condensing coils on an AC unit.

Hence, it can be a good idea to buy an electrostatic filter. It is also known as washable filters. These filters needs to be washed once in a month for best results. The best thing about these filters is that they can be used for 5 to 10 years at a stretch only by washing them properly. However, it must be kept in mind that the filters should to be dried before they are reinstalled. Some of the electrostatic filters also include carbon filters and odor removal capacities. You will just have to research a little to get something that suits your need.

Now let us have an overview of the various kinds of air filters that can be used in your HVAC system. They are the following:

• The Washable or the Electrostatic Filters
• The Fiberglass Air Filters
• Polyester and Pleated Air filters
• High-Efficiency Air Filter

Last but not the least, as a homeowner you might be tempted to buy air filters with the highest MERV rating. But you need to keep in mind that such air filters might damage your HVAC equipment in the long run so it is better that you get in touch with a professional to decide on the type of air filter that you should use for your HVAC system.



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