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Any component that is related to HVAC functionality that is heating, ventilation, cooling and air conditioning is known as HVAC equipment. The diversity of HVAC equipment is huge. There are several components which are part of HVAC equipment. Some of the common HVAC equipment include air conditioners, boilers, chillers, heat pumps, dehumidifiers and humidifiers, radiant systems and also other types of equipment. Today almost all modern buildings use HVAC equipment in some form of the other and these equipment comprise a considerable amount of energy consumption of these buildings. However, it needs to be noted here that HVAC systems along with passive systems need to work together so that they can achieve their peak performance.

If we study some of the HVAC equipment in details we will find out that among the heat generation systems come the furnaces and boilers. Furnaces burn to create heat. They can directly heat air but most commonly they heat water which in turn heats the air and such systems are known as boilers. Furnaces and boilers can also burn natural gas, heating oil, wood and any other combustible substances.

Electric Resistance heaters are simply large resistors that heat up as current is sent through. The baseboard heaters heat air directly with the help of electricity while electric boilers that either heat air or heats any other radiant system.

Solar thermal heaters are also used to generate heat for HVAC systems. These systems are more effective in climates which are cold yet sunny but not much effective in regions which are cloudy.

Another category of HVAC equipment is the heat moving systems. Under this comes the heat pumps, the air conditioners or the chillers. These appliances do not create heat by burning any combustible services rather they move heat from one region to the other. For example, air conditioners move heat from inside the room to the outside.

Now let us have a look at the factors that plays an important role in the selection of HVAC equipment. Certain things that needs to be taken into consideration are fuel sources that is natural gas or electricity, distribution system that is air or water, and equipment options that is furnace or heat pump and equipment efficiency. It is recommended that one performs a detailed analysis of all these factors before selecting a HVAC equipment for one’s home or office building. A careful cost calculation also needs to be made that include equipment and installation prices, annual heating and cooling expenses and also the maintenance cost that is involved with a particular system.

Another important aspect is the appropriate sizing of the HVAC equipment. The correct sizing of the equipment is only possible when appropriate load calculation is done. This can be done by the experts. One should keep in mind that only a correctly sized equipment can give you the desired comfort. An oversized system will be less efficient than a correctly sized equipment and at the same time an equipment that is undersized will fail to give you the desirable level of comfort both in terms of heating and cooling.



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