How To Maintain The Parts Of Window Ac?

Many homes have window A/Cs to cool the rooms. These are also called room air conditioner as each unit is meant to coola single room. It is essential to know how to maintain these units which are smaller than HVACs. This will ensure their smooth and efficient functioning.

• Change the filter on regular intervals. The interval will depend on factors such as specifications of the manufacturer, weather conditions, health of the people living inside the house. If you live in dusty atmosphere, you will needs more frequent replacement. If there are people in the house who complains of allergies check out filters for dirt more often. Some ACs have washable filters. These can be cleaned and fitted again. You can use mild detergent to clean them. However never wash and reuse a disposable filter.

• Check the power cord.The power cord often gets worn out which leads to shutting down of the A/c. To test the power cord, unplug it from the control panel. Now unscrew the terminals. Use a testing wire and volt-ohm-millimetre (VOM) to test the bare wires in the terminal. If the meter registers zero, the cord is working. If it registers above zero its hold be replaced as soon as possible.

• The evaporator and condenser would need to be cleaned once a month;it should be cleaned more frequently in case of dusty weather. You will find them in feasted with a thick layer of dirt, cobwebs, debris etc. A vacuum cleaner works very well to clean them. If your fins are bent, you can use a fin comb to straighten them.

• You can test the thermostat by using a VOM that is set to RX1 scale. You have to connect the probes of the tester to the thermostat. Turn the temperature controls to the coolest setting. If it registers zero, the thermostat is functional. If it is otherwise it should be changed immediately.

• Draining the window AC is an import part of its maintenance. You have to locate the drain hole or plug that is meant to expel excess water. The units that are designed for constant draining, the hole is usually located in the exterior portion of the unit. The units which are designed to retain water will have this hole in the interior part. In this case the water drain out after it reaches certain level. There also could be a cap at the bottom which needs to be taken out to remove the water and then recapped.




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