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Many of the times a common question comes to your mind as in whether you should cover your air conditioner. The answer to this solely depends on the region of the globe where you are residing. Here it must be noted that hardly any outside weather conditions help the outside unit of your air conditioner. It is mostly other reasons that has an impact on the outside unit of your air conditioner and hence the covering becomes important. Most often it is seen that it is important covering your air conditioner to keep away leaves, pin wheels, and other debris away from the unit. Due to these debris if water drain holes in the unit become clogged with debris it might cause corrosion.

Thus, it is clear that to keep away debris from drain holes it is necessary to cover the air conditioner but there is the right way to cover the air conditioner. Most often it is seen that a blue tarp is tightly wrapped all along the unit. It is true that the blue tarp will keep the unit away from debris but it will become a favorable breeding ground for animals. It needs to be noted to here that the best way is to cover only the top of the unit.

Now the next question that might come to mind is the kind of cover that can be best suited for an air conditioner. If you are looking at an inexpensive solution the best option is to use a board with brick. This particular cover not only protects the top of the unit but to some extent the sides of the unit are also protected.

The right way to cover the air conditioner includes the following points. In case, you cover it in the wrong way you will not receive the desired results.

• First of all you need to use a cover of breathable material

• You can put plywood over the top of the unit to protect it from snow and ice. However, it is important that you place bricks or rocks on it so that it stays in place

• Installing a wood awning or shelter attached to your building is an effective way to cover the top of the unit

• You can plant shrubs around the unit to protect from wind and snow. At the same time get in touch with your HVAC contractor so that he can check the quality of the airflow.

• You can make your own shelter to protect the unit during the summer and during the winter by choosing from a variety of designs available. There are several designs on the web from which you can choose the one that suits your fancy.

Last but not the least, before getting your air conditioner unit covered it is a good idea to get in touch with a trained HVAC professional so that he can help you with the right way of protection. With proper guidance you can be sure that you are moving in the right direction and will receive the maximum benefit from the covering.



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